Electronic Source Records (ESR)
PHACT offers customized electronic source record completion via tablet personal computers. Capturing source data on paper is costly and error-prone, but it remains prevalent because of familiarity, existing standard processes in experienced study sites, and a lack of viable alternatives. ESR maintains the workflow and mobility of paper while allowing fast, secure transmission of source documents and data, as well as reducing manual data verification while maintaining quality.

Components include:

  • Electronic Subject Chart
  • Document Review Portal
  • Central Data Hosting

ESR can reduce trial costs in the following ways:

  • Eliminating the effort and expense of source document verification (SDV)
  • Enabling remote, centralized monitoring of source documents, which is recommended by FDA
  • Decreasing CRA visits; Increase site interactions
  • Reducing data queries 60-70%
  • Increasing site productivity and satisfaction

Electronic Data Capture

PHACT offers several alternatives for EDC including the following:

  • Medidata‚Äôs RAVE
  • Medrio

Video Informed Consent

For patients who cannot read, background information can be provided via video, recorded in the local language.