Who We Are

PHACT Diseases of the developing world affect not just individuals’ life expectancy and productivity, but also the planet’s economic, political, and social stability.
Public Health Alliance for Clinical Trials (PHACT) is the first non-profit Clinical Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to conducting clinical trials for products to treat diseases that affect the poorest people in developing countries. We collaborate with non-profit organizations to assist in reducing research costs, thus enabling clinical trials to be done which would otherwise be cost prohibitive. As your true partner, we provide the highest quality, responsive and flexible clinical trials services helping you to achieve the overall goal of reducing health disparities worldwide.

Diseases of the developing world affect not just individuals’ life expectancy, but also worldwide economic, political, and social stability. The founders of PHACT are using their expertise in running global clinical trials for biopharmaceutical companies to develop clinical trials capabilities where they are most needed, and to utilize these capabilities to bring more drugs for diseases of poverty to market sooner.

Collaborating with native people, PHACT is building clinical research infrastructure in underdeveloped countries, aiding local economies, providing sustainable employment for many, and helping to bring important new treatments to market. Experienced personnel in the US and Europe providing training and functional oversight are working together with the native personnel to conduct clinical trials for the infectious diseases that ravage these countries, and for non-communicable diseases that are on the increase in these areas. The founders of PHACT want to help bring the promise of modern medicine to those who need it most, not just a privileged few.